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Amanda H.

I came to see Dr. Heather White as a first-time client about six months ago. I had never seen a chiropractor before and after trying massage and physiotherapy on my hip and groin, I was still not making any progress with this particular injury after almost two years. Dr. Heather and I spent my first visit getting familiar with my injury; the cause, what my daily routines were, what kind of activity I did and what treatment I had tried. I was nervous about ‘cracking’ but I soon discovered there is much more involved, and for my particular injury, my treatment was more muscle manipulation and the movement of joints. After our first session, she gave me a treatment plan to work on at home and called me later that night to see how things were feeling. Within five visits, I had 100% mobility back in my hip and groin, no pain, and have now got her working on my rotator cuff. It’s improving dramatically. I recommend Valleyview Chiropractic and Dr. Heather White. The front desk ladies are also fantastic and friendly and always get me in for an appointment quickly.