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Dr. Heather White, MSc, DC

Heather graduated Magna Cum Laude from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with her Doctor of Chiropractic in 2003. Prior to that she completed a Masters in Science from UBC in Human Physiology.

Over her 20+ years of clinical practice, Heather has continually expanded her knowledge and expertise with a commitment to ongoing education. She has pursued additional training in various specialized areas, including the treatment of TMJ, and extremities, as well as concussion, neurodynamics and rehabilitative exercise. She is also fully certified in Active Release Technique (ART), considered to be the gold-standard in soft tissue therapy. Heather’s treatment approach is evidence-based, focusing on patient-empowerment and is rooted in common-sense straightforward care, ensuring that her patients receive the most practical and effective treatments for their specific needs.

She is dedicated to solid communication during and after a visit, making certain that each patient is given time to tell their story, ask questions and feel comfortable with each treatment. Heather particularly enjoys helping her patients incorporate activity into their busy lives. She understands the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst hectic schedules and works closely with her patients to develop tailored strategies. By doing so, she aims to facilitate meaningful change and expedite the healing process.

In her leisure time, Heather is an avid cyclist- mountain, road and commuting, a begrudging runner and occasional weight lifter. She particularly loves reading and learning much needed lessons from her garden, primarily about patience.

Heather’s diverse experiences and genuine dedication to her patients make her a trusted and compassionate chiropractor. Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, improved mobility, or enhanced overall well-being, Heather is committed to helping you achieve your health goals and live life better than before.

Dr. John Lutz, BSc, DC

Born and raised in Kelowna, Dr. John moved to the San Fransisco Bay Area in 2016 where he graduated summa cum laude and Valedictorian of his class in the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Palmer College of Chiropractic’s West Campus. Prior to that he received a Bachelor’s Degree in medical biochemistry from UBC’s Okanagan Campus.

Dr. John treats the whole body utilizing a modernized patient-first approach. He has training in Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy, ART (Active Release Technique) PNF Stretching, Graston/IASTM, Cupping, and more to help you feel better. In addition, he uses exercise therapy and rehabilitation to further help your symptoms and minimize risk of future injury. He focusses on three core concepts: mobility, stability, and strength. The goal is to get you better, back to doing what you love to do, in a way that works for you. His diverse selection of treatment options and devotion to continued education results in treatment plans unique to each individual. Since an early age he has been weightlifting, snowboarding, playing soccer, hockey, and many other sports. Being involved in such a variety of activities has taught him to help with injuries all over the body and not just the spine.

During evenings and weekends you can find Dr. John playing ball hockey, slo-pitch softball, hiking, snowboarding, playing the guitar, working out, or at home with his cat Dexter.

“Each person presents a new problem, and I haven’t met a problem that I don’t want to solve. It’s not enough to just get you better, let’s teach you how to stay better.”

Registered Massage Therapist

Alicia Harrison, RMT

Vodder Certified Lymphatic Therapist (MLD/CDT)

Alicia is a small-town girl, BC born and raised! She has been practicing massage therapy in Kelowna since 2014 after graduating from the 3000-hour program at OVCMT in Vernon and receiving her full certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) from the Dr. Vodder School in Victoria.

Alicia was drawn to a career in massage therapy from a desire to help others feel supported in living a more pain free life.  “Pain and dysfunction can prevent us from living our most fulfilling and authentic lives and I think it’s so important to address that.”  Her goal is to help her patients feel educated in caring for their bodies and she encourages them to be advocates in their own care. 
Alicia’s massage style is based on a gentle, holistic / whole body approach using Swedish relaxation massage, neuromuscular, myofascial, and lymphatic drainage techniques.  She has a practice focus on clinical lymphatic health including oncology massage, mastectomy, post surgical lymphedema, primary lymphedema, lipedema, venous insufficiency, palliative care, gender-affirming surgical care, pregnancy, acute injury, inflammation, headaches, congestion, and general immune health. 
Outside of the clinic Alicia enjoys camping in the mountains with her partner, yoga, hiking, her two cats, and chai lattes! 

Registered Massage Therapist

Heather Narraway, RMT

Heather is a well-established RMT who became very passionate about massage therapy due to her own personal battle with chronic pain.

Heather has been practicing massage therapy since 2012 after graduating from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. She moved to Kelowna from Vancouver in 2021 after spending the majority of her time practicing in Abbotsford. Through Heather’s own battle with chronic pain she developed a unique understanding of injuries and how it can affect the body as a whole, not just physically but mentally too.

She has had success treating various chronic and acute injuries such as but not limited to headaches and migraines, jaw pain and dysfunction,  MVA injuries, concussions, postural imbalances, musculoskeletal dysfunction, compensation patterns, chronic holding patterns and movement dysfunctions.

Heather believes that when you treat the root cause, figure out what their goals are, every aspect of the patient’s life improves.  She does this using a variety of different techniques such as: myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, neuromuscular techniques, deep tissue, trigger point release and corrective exercise, and pilates movements. 

To Heather, every patient and every day is unique and requires an individualized approach that encompasses their main treatment goals, consideration of what state their nervous system is in and how they best need support that day. 

This past summer she completed her level 1 Trauma informed certification and incorporates the principles she learnt into every treatment

When she is not practicing you can find Heather teaching at the local massage therapy college, creating delicious desserts, exploring with her husband, Sean and their dog Bella. 

Manual Therapist

Sarah Turner

Sarah is a recent graduate of OVCMT and anticipating the final step to becoming a registered massage therapist in May 2024.

Sarah is a recent graduate of OVCMT and anticipating the final step to becoming a Registered Massage Therapist in May 2024. She chose to pursue a second career in massage therapy with a desire for an enhanced work/life balance as well as a passion to help people.  Sarah has observed the powerful benefits of massage assisting people to connect to their bodies. Committed to holding safe healing space with clear communication, Sarah directly addresses a client’s specific needs and facilitates their understanding on how they can improve their quality of life.

Sarah likes to focus on myofascial techniques along with general Swedish massage and will be pursuing further education to further widen her skills with hopes of investigating further into the osteopathy field.

When not working, she enjoys spending time in the outdoors, camping and
fishing with her blended family of four boys, ages 11-21. Sarah loves cooking, baking and recently discovered she has the ability to keep plants

In her downtime, you will find Sarah hiking with her sidekick Remy the daschund, exploring all the nooks and crannies of the Okanagan.

Our Chiropractic Office Assistants

Angela Johnson
Office Manager (4+ years)

What’s your idea of a great day?
Waking up to a clean house, sunshine, time with family/friends and someone else cooks supper.

If you had an extra hour per day, what would you do?
Probably sleep or eat 😊

What do you value most in a friendship?
Honesty and vulnerability.

If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would you choose?
Probably my younger self, so I could share some wisdom 😊

What’s the biggest adventure you’ve been on?
Being a parent haha

For travel: Dublin, Ireland and Spain.

What childish things do you still do as an adult?
Ummm….I lick all the flavour off of potato chips. Less calories and all the flavour.

Do you work better with or without music?
I don’t know that I work better, but I do like white noise. I usually listen to Christian instrumental or encouragement. Of course I also really like the Mama Mia soundtrack😊

Colleen Peterson
Chiropractic Office Assistant (12+ years)

What’s your idea of a great day?
The peace and quiet of listening to nature and enjoying the garden or wilderness with a book and maybe some softly playing music.

If you had an extra hour per day, what would you do?
Laugh with someone I love.

What do you value most in a friendship?

If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would you choose?
A child having a happy, carefree day.

What’s the biggest adventure you’ve been on?
Toss up between fighting forest fires (which included daily helicopter rides and bears) or whitewater rafting.

What childish things do you still do as an adult?
Sleep under a large quilt my grandmother made me as a child.

Do you work better with or without music?
Definitely with music. All genres, something that tells a good story and the musician are able to sound authentic live as well as recorded.

Shaunie Brown
Administrator (12+ years)

What’s your idea of a great day?
Being around the kind of people that make my day a little brighter.

If you had an extra hour per day, what would you do?
Kidnap my grandkids and take them to one of their favourite little spots.

What do you value most in a friendship?
Honestly loyalty and authenticity.

If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would you choose?
Sorry, maybe I’m a little boring, but I don’t want to trade-| love the life I have

What’s the biggest adventure you’ve been on?

What childish things do you still do as an adult?
I will never get tired of seeing “The Tiki House” at Disneyland.

Do you work better with or without music?
Definitely no music.

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